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About Us

At DFC tank pressure vessels manufacturer co.,Ltd, we have earned a great reputation for

expertised service, on-time delivery, moderate price, responsive staffs. We have been a

professional pressure vessesl manufacturer since 1984, so you can rest assured that you can take

advantage of our many years of experience.

We offers a wide ranges of products include, fermentation tank, air storage tank, heat

exchanger, air cooler, large storage tank, oil tank, cement silo, water filter, separator and

etc. All of which are widely serviced in the chemical industry, pharmentation factory, oil

industry, water treatment line, beverage industry, power plant and so on.

With our strong customization capabilities, we become the most versatile supplier in the

pressure vessel industry.
It is not easy to balance the design requirements of complex fabrication codes, budget

constraints, and tight timetables. However we try our best to do it. Our teams can offers you

the complete processing to fabricate a tank from begining to the end like design, manufacturing

and after sales.
Our clients includes many leading company domestically and abroad. They are from different

countries, USA, Japan, Peru, Russia, Costa Rica, Nigeria and so on.
We can be your best source for pressure vessels, heat exchanger, water filter. For more

information please visit https://www.dfctank.com.